Podcasts by Doug Thorpe

Is Your Family Business Too Much Family?

A large majority of small business is in fact family business. The classic “Mom & Pop” structure. Mom or Dad get an idea and start a business. As the need for extra help grows, the easy answer is to hire other family members to help you get it going. Often the thinking behind this involves the sense that you know these people, you can trust them, and can rely on

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Understanding the Entrepreneurial Operating System “EOS”

In the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman, the concept of the EOS is introduced. EOS stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System. By using an EOS approach you can stop working IN your business and start working ON your business. Or as Wickman states “Do you have a grip on your business or does your business have a grip on you?”

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Health and Fitness with Luke Prentiss

One big part of becoming an effective leader is keeping your body in tip-top shape. Join me as I visit with my own coach and fitness advisor, Luke Prentiss. We’re going to do some myth-busting about popular fitness fads. In addition to his regular fitness coaching. Luke offers a program dedicated to avid kayak fishermen. He calls the program Kayak Beast.

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Small Business Intellectual Property Discussion

In this episode, Gordon Arnold, a Houston-based intellectual property attorney discusses everything a business owner should know about protecting their rights. Your inventions, content creation and other intellectual property (IP) needs to be protected. In addition, you can need to protect yourself from others who are claiming encroachment on their IP. Listen as we discuss IP; what is it, how do you get protection, and what you need to know

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better writing

Get to the Bottomline

Great leaders know how to communicate. But written communication sometimes needs help. Here’s a quick tip for becoming better communicator when you write.

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