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leadership powered by common sense the podcast

Join Host Doug Thorpe and his guests as they explore everything LEADERSHIP and Business.

Leadership Powered by Common Sense

If you own a business or run a team at work, you need better leadership ideas.
On this show, we cover everything you may ever want to know about being a better leader. You don’t have to be born a good leader.
Leadership can be learned. But you need a guide. Join Doug Thorpe and his guests as they explore hot topics of the day. Listen for tips on employment, motivation, accountability, communication, personal purpose, and so much more.

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Leadership Powered by Common Sense | Listen Notes

Leadership Powered by Common Sense

Hear from executive coach and business advisor Doug Thorpe. Get tips, tricks and ideas for running a better business and building strong, high-performing teams at work.

If you own a business or run any part of a larger organization, you know the challenges you face daily. Let Doug give you some ideas to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and have more fun with your work.

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Another New Milestone

This week, Doug’s podcast “Leadership Powered by Common Sense” is releasing episode #150. Thanks to our faithful followers and tribe members, this podcast has risen to Apple’s top 2%. If

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David Shriner-Cahn

How to Smash the Plateau 143

In small businesses, there is frequently the need to get beyond a plateau. You’ve had success, yet your business seems stuck at a certain level. How do you smash thru

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Martin Salama

Living the Warrior L.I.F.E. 137

Listen as we explore one man’s story. My guest is Martin Salama. He created the philosophy behind this “Warrior L.I.F.E.” approach after spending years in emotional pain and turmoil after

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