Listen as we explore the real meaning of building a purpose-driven brand. My guest is David Dressler. Here is his story.

“My philosophy is simple; “happier at work is happier at home and happier at home is happier at work”. I love helping founders and execs thoughtfully scale their brands while also scaling their lives.

Before launching Quiet Advisory, I co-founded and scaled Tender Greens, a LA-based purpose-driven fast-casual restaurant group I grew from inception to 30 restaurants and $100 million in revenue. In 2014 Conde Nast named us one of the Best Restaurant Chains in the World. In 2015 Forbes’ listed us among the 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands.

From my own life and work experiences, I chose to build an enterprise culture of love, empathy, and understanding. I personally brought mindfulness, intentionality, and EQ into the workplace creating an environment that was not only aligned, adaptive and successful but also kind, expressive, and full of joy.

I now work one-on-one as a guide on the side or in a team setting to get all the cards on the table, realize obstacles, connect the dots and figure out a way forward through action.

Beyond big picture culture leadership coaching, I partner with clients to establish organizational competencies, distill mission, vision, and values, lead product and service ideation, plan and execute growth strategy and system scaling, facilitate conflict resolution and recalibrate teams. All with an eye toward protecting and enhancing the culture that made the enterprise successful, to begin with.

Not many coaches can make these career claims let alone have any comparable real-world experience relatable to what founders and business execs on the daily.

I also have two amazing kids and have been married to Randi for over 20 years.”

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