Guest Dave Hollenbach shares his frontline, servant leader experiences, but not with a plot twist or two along the way. He is the author of FIREPROOF: Your Grand Strategy for Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future. Mr. Hollenbach takes the idea behind Yale University’s Grand Strategy Program designed for political leaders and heads of large corporations and applies those principles to the individual. His book answers the question: How can I create a Grand Strategy for my life?

He, then, leads the reader through steps to develop their own unique Grand Strategy to create a life that helps others and leaves a stellar legacy. No matter how severe the disaster, your intrinsic value is not attached to an occupation or even your outward identity. Your value is in who you are. Take what you have learned and set your path toward where you want to go by implementing the steps in Fireproof.

In an easy, readable style sprinkled with personal stories and captivating case studies, the author delivers material that is both inspirational and actionable.

While most people ask, “What should I do to reach my goal?” the Grand Strategy process begins with a much better question: “Who do I need to be?” Your core essence determines what kind of leader you are. When you know what’s inside you—flaws and all—you can use tools to release your limitations and to let go of self-defeating behaviors. You can, in real and practical ways, define yourself.

Personal development topics create a thread throughout the entire work: self-leadership, self-awareness, communication, healthy relationships and self-care as well as uncovering your core values and finding your big WHY. The author provides an analysis tool for challenging situations to help the reader discern which parts they can control, what they can influence and which things they can neither control or influence. He also provides tools for releasing stress and working through feelings of overwhelm. He lines out critical daily habits and mindset matters that are essential for success.

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