I once knew an HR professional who wrote a book titled “The Only Thing Wrong with Human Resources Is the Humans.” As leaders, we must constantly deal with the human nature of things around us. Colleagues and employees will fail. Humans do that.

But what can you, as a leader, do to better navigate the human frailties that impact the work process? In this show, we’ll talk about these things. My guest is a career-long HR professional who has left corporate to become and advisor and coach to business leaders, helping them do more to embrace what it means to be human-centric as a leader.

My guest is Jeannie Moravits-Smith. Her background is in human resources. She’s a 30-year veteran of that specialty. Listen as she shares her life lessons and explains what managers and leaders can do to become more aware of human nature.

Key points:

  • Lead yourself first
  • What are you doing as a perpetual learner to hone your skills
  • Managing your working relationship with employees
  • Don’t assume anything – start asking
  • Pause, pinpoint, and pivot

Guest Bio:

Jeannie Moravits Smith is the founder and CEO of Dynamism Leadership, formerly HR-Rx, a  leadership coaching and consulting firm established in 2005. Jeannie has helped thousands of leaders learn how to take charge of the catabolic thoughts and feelings that control their minds and how to use anabolic energy to act and embrace change. Before HR-Rx, she held executive leadership roles at a variety of organizations. Jeannie holds certifications in leadership coaching, energy leadership, &  human management, as well as a Master of Science in Human Resources. 

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