Nancy Giere

There are so many ways to attract new customers. Besides all the traditional marketing, advertising, and sales methods, one area often gets overlooked. That area is course creation.

Consumers of all kinds are still seeking ‘how to’ knowledge. Whether you use YouTube, TikTok reels, or Instagram, having content packaged as a course offering makes sense. If you have a skill, technique, or practical solution you can share, you might have the next great course idea to present to your audience.

By bundling your knowledge and expertise into a simple course, buyers can “sample the goods.” Let them see your ideas or how you conduct yourself as a potential solution provider and partner. But dumping a bunch of content into a package is not the final answer.

Hear and learn as my guest shares her experience helping professionals of all kinds build and deliver quality coursework for buyers to engage.

Guest Bio:

Nancy Giere is a course creation expert. She works with businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies, turning their expertise into high-profit courses. She creates engaging, fun, and interactive programs that get results.

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