Kitti Andrews

A confused mind says NO! But what if YOU are the one adding to the chaos and confusion?

In this busy, fast-paced world we are bombarded by noise and distractions. Taking in too much input can cause overload. Whether you suffer from inbox fatigued or cluttered closets, the life we lead requires some sense of organization and calm to let us do our best work.

When you allow too many things to stack up, it is easy to lose sight of the important things needed to be accomplished to achieve our highest goals.

This show is dedicated to helping you get uncluttered, both mentally and physically.

Guest Bio:

Kitti Andrews, also known as “Your Thought Organizer”, is highly sought after as an expert in decluttering the space and brain. For over 20 years she has been helping people to get unstuck and out of a state of overwhelm by getting their physical and mental surroundings under control.

Kitti has been interviewed on over 50 shows and podcasts and has contributed articles to the Los Angeles Tribune and an upcoming interview in USA Today. 

Ms. Andrews lends her expertise to supporting causes including ADHD awareness, classroom hunger, and teen suicide prevention. 

(For Intro, if desired) Today Kitti will share with us how her easy, step-by-step system will help you to organize your space and brain so you can maximize your mental energy for premium productivity! 

Talk Title: Three Easy Steps from Clutter to Cash Flow – Remove the Barriers to your Bottom Line! 

Topic: The Why and How of clearing your space and brain to focus on attracting and serving premium clients 

Viewer Takeaways- 

– WHY mental and physical clutter undermines your energy, finances, and ultimately your business’ bottom line – HOW to reorganize your space and brain without getting overwhelmed by the process 

– HOW to maintain your newly organized space for maximum mental clarity, productivity and business success 

SUGGESTED QUESTIONS (feel free to use any, all or none) 

– Why are you known as “Your Thought Organizer”? 

– How does clutter hurt your business and bottom line? 

– Which is worse to have, physical or mental clutter? 

– Why do people get discouraged when they start to declutter? 

– What is your ONE system? 

– Now that someone is organized, how do they stay that way? 

– How can your “ONE” system be used to other advantages? 

– What would you say is the key ingredient to successful decluttering? 

– How do you help people with their clutter without going into their homes? 

– What is the #1 tip that you would give to our listeners? 

Downloadable PDF: 7 Easy Steps To Conquer Your Physical & Mental Clutter 


Social Handles: 





https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClLEvVsveSkzaUdmoKvke6g (https://bit.ly/3GQuWw8 for brevity)

Website: https://www.declutterthebrain.com/ 

EM: Kitti@DeclutterTheBrain.com 

Phone: (01- Canada) 902.817.9341

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