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Recovering from a physical injury can be a challenge. The psychological impact can be more severe than physical pain. Finding the right help to overcome these challenges takes a dedicated effort.

My guest today is someone who himself suffered career-ending sports injuries, crushing his dreams of being a professional football player (American football).

Guest Bio:

Keagen Hadley is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, a psychiatric and neurological clinical researcher, and an Amazon Bestselling author, who specializes in using psychological treatments such as ACT with clients.

I am passionate about joint health, the psychology of injury, and entrepreneurship.

Website: https://keagenhadley.com/

Book: https://www.amazon.com/Torn-Overcoming-Psychological-Challenges-Post-ACL-ebook/dp/B09ZRPMSK6/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=YkLgL&content-id=amzn1.sym.e4bd6ac6-9035-4a04-92a6-fc4ad60e09ad&pf_rd_p=e4bd6ac6-9035-4a04-92a6-fc4ad60e09ad&pf_rd_r=4C2288Y48D7F8KWGX34T&pd_rd_wg=2cKd1&pd_rd_r=0178bbe8-23a7-48a2-9678-f433ba0e8bbd&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_atf_m

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