Jonathan Shroyer chief CX Officer

No market is as fickle and changing as the gaming industry. I’m speaking of computer games. Building a new game and getting it to rise above the mass to attract customers has always been a daunting challenge. But my guest turned many heads when he challenged the industry to stop merely releasing new games. He became an advocate for winning customers and keeping them in the fold with loyalty, service, and connection.

To prove his point, he built and proved an algorithm that calculated and showed customer retention values at key points along the customer journey. His model was not only used by his gaming company but was later leveraged into an industry standard used by most major gaming technology providers.

My guest is Jonathan Shroyer, a 3x serial entrepreneur. He is a believer in the philosophy that you don’t fail if you learn.

Hot topics in this episode:

  • Lessons learned from prior experience
  • Establish a solid set of core values to drive a company sale
  • Have sustainability – mutual goals of success
  • Keep your ego out of it
  • Your people are your lifeblood, not YOU

Guest Bio:

🌟 Visionary Gaming Leader & Unstoppable Trailblazer 🌟

Jonathan Shroyer is a bold, passionate innovator who dares to dream big and relentlessly pursues the impossible. As a gaming services visionary, he leads by example, embracing Nelson Mandela’s “win or learn” philosophy and constantly pushing boundaries to shape the future.



🏆 Esteemed Industry Accolades 🏆

• Wall Street Journal – Lifetime Achievement Award
• Forbes.com – Esteemed Contributor and Author
• Forbes & Fortune USA – Top CX Professionals of 2022
• Forbes India – Top 10 Visionary Business Leaders of 2022
• Fortune India – Super 40 Companies & 40 Unstoppable Brightest Minds
• Exeleon – 2022 Trailblazing CEOs
• CIO Today – 2022 Futuristic Business Visionaries
• TIM – Top 10 Unstoppable Business Innovators of 2022
• Outlook India – 2021 Inspirational Business Pioneers
• Industry Era – Top 10 Transformative CEOs to Watch for 2021
• The Silicon Review – Top 50 Game-Changing Companies of 2021
• CIO Bulletin – 50 Best Companies on the Cutting Edge

🥇 Prestigious Industry Awards 🥇

• CCW – Outstanding Customer Experience in Remote Contact Center Strategy
• World Series, Global Customer Centricity – Best-in-Class Customer Experience Strategy
• North American Customer Centricity – Best CX Strategy Winner & Top 3 in Customer Centric Culture, Business Change or Transformation, Employee Experience
• IXCA 21 – Finalist for CX Visionary of the Year, Best CX Transformation, Best CX Strategy
• Peer Awards – Innovating Customer Engagement with Technology, Masterful Customer Engagement Strategy
• Frost and Sullivan – Exceptional CX Strategy & Coveted Mary Poppins Award
• International Resilience Awards – Unparalleled Culture of Excellence

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