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As we mature into our adult life, we experience various impacts coming from a multitude of moments where people in our lives create influence. The influence can be positive or negative. Positive influence has the power to shape our beliefs, our values, and the principles by which we choose to treat and lead others.

My guest is a veteran of organizational development circles. His own career trajectory was significantly impacted by those who offered positive influence. He was captivated by the thought of collecting stories like his own to share with others. Rather than merely writing ‘another book on leadership’, Glenn Parker and his son Michael, compiled a collection of real-life stories shared by executives who themselves were the product of leaders offering positive influence.

Topics we cover:

Keeping track of truly positive influence moments

Making the shift during times of chaos

Creating a culture of caring

Managing the whole person

Push down decision-making in this organization

Guest Bio:

Glenn Parker is an author, team building and leadership consultant, father, grandfather, community activist, and volunteer. He is the author of some 17 books, including several best sellers on team building and leadership and the Parker Team Player Survey, which has sold over one million copies. Glenn is co-author with his son, Michael, of Positive Influence: The Leader Who Helps People Become Their Best Self and the just released, Positive Influence II: Leadership in a Time of Crisis. 

He is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD Magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s Website.

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