Taking Leadership Development to a New Level with Acting 168

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When leaders enter into development opportunities, working with coaches may lead to scenarios where role play helps. While good coaches are willing to delve into that form of coaching moments, it takes a qualified, professional actor to fully represent the ‘other person.’

My guest today is someone who has created a business of providing professional actors to help leaders stage the role play moment. When you think about it, having the ability to truly assume a special character is exactly what actors do. Why NOT apply that craft to coaching so that more realistic scenarios can be structured and played out.

My guest is Erin Whalen.

Guest Bio:

Erin is a Communication Skills Coach and the founder of Compassionate Coaching, which guides teams in the helping profession, especially bereavement and end-of-life professionals, to get through their days with more ease. She uses her background as an actor, trainer, and facilitator to develop highly engaging programming that centers around giving and receiving empathy. 

Links for Erin: 

Website: https://www.compassionatecoaching.org/

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-whalen-compassionate-coaching/

Watch the Video:





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