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Some people find themselves asked to take on leadership roles without ever having had the preparation or training to assume that role. In corporate America, we pick supervisors from within the ranks of sole contributors. In community activity, situations demand the need for a leader yet no one stands up as the natural fit, so someone gets asked by the group to assume the role.

My guest today is Jim Rafferty. He has written a book titled “Leader by Accident”. He tells a compelling story about taking over control of a local Boy Scout troop after the tragic murder of the original leader. He was pressed into service by the ‘board’ of the troop. His eight year experience serving the scouts propelled him to take on the life challenge of leaving a corporate job to start a business and becoming an entrepreneur.

Join us as we delve into Jim’s story and his powerful anecdotes of lessons learned along the way.

Guest Bio:

Jim Rafferty is the author of Leader by Accident: Lessons in Leadership, Loss and Life, as well as a marketing and communications consultant and Principal of JMRketing, LLC, in Baltimore, Maryland where he resides. A former radio announcer and program director, Jim now puts three decades of marketing experience to work helping businesses communicate better, writing in a conversational and entertaining style. He’s also a former Boy Scout leader, the story of which serves as the catalyst for Leader by Accident.

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says: “The adage that good things come in small packages is proven yet again by Jim Rafferty’s book Leader by Accident …It is a very rare book that packs so much wisdom (and wit) about leadership and life into so few pages. I couldn’t put it down.”

Links for Jim:

JMRketing, LLC
Partner, INSIGHT ConneX
Author, Leader by Accident

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