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Tyler Foley takes us on a journey of his life, from child actor to failed entrepreneur, to safety professional, to best-selling author and speaker. But what led him to where he is now? Join Tyler as he takes us through an exercise to explore the significant moments in our lives. But be warned, as he delves into his own memories, he unearths a haunting pain that has shaped his entire life. Will he be able to find a resolution?

Life happens for you, not to you.

My special guest is Tyler Foley

Meet Tyler Foley, a seasoned storyteller who began his journey on stage at the young age of six. As a child actor, Tyler discovered his passion for captivating an audience early on. Later, he ventured into entrepreneurship, mapping, and even safety consulting. However, it was his unique ability to teach and inspire others in the art of storytelling that led him to become a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and bestselling author. With years of experience and contagious enthusiasm, Tyler has helped countless leaders and business professionals improve their communication skills by harnessing the power of storytelling.

This is Tyler Foley’s story:

From a young age, Tyler Foley was no stranger to the stage. As a child actor, he stepped into the limelight at just six years old, propelled by the sound of applause that fed his growing passion for performing. However, his life would take an unexpected turn when his father passed away, forcing Tyler to grapple with loss and the fragility of life. It was during this time that he learned about the power of storytelling as a means of connecting with others and making sense of the world around him.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the significant role storytelling plays in leadership and business success.
  • Embrace your vulnerabilities to forge stronger connections with your audience.
  • Identify personalization and uniqueness in your own narrative to set yourself apart.
  • Master the art of preparation and practice in delivering captivating public speaking performances.
  • Recognize the value of feedback in refining your future podcast episodes and content.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Grab a pen and paper and try the two-minute exercise to identify the most significant memory for each time period in your life.
  • Consider attending Tyler Foley’s Basic Instructional Technique workshop to improve your public speaking skills.
  • Check out Tyler Foley’s book, The Power to Speak Naked, to learn more about storytelling and public speaking.
  • Visit Tyler Foley’s website to learn about his speaking engagements and training programs.
  • Consider hiring Tyler Foley as a safety consultant or speaker for your organization.
  • Practice storytelling in your personal and professional life to improve communication and engagement with others.
  • Remember that life happens for you, not to you, and use your experiences to shape your story and purpose.

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Guest Bio:

Sean Tyler Foley is a remarkable and versatile performer with a broad range of experiences in film, television, and stage. With an acting career that began at the tender age of 6, Tyler has since made unforgettable appearances on productions including Freddy Vs Jason, Door to Door, Carrie, and the unforgettable musical Ragtime. Not only is he a veteran podcast guest with more than 300 episodes under his belt, but he is also the #1 best-selling author of The Power to Speak Naked and Managing Director of Total Buy-In. In his current role he works closely with executives and CEOs to help them better engage their audience when presenting by connecting their personal stories to their leadership style.

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