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Do you find yourself struggling to balance technical expertise and people management as a STEM professional transitioning into leadership? Have you been told to simply work on your emotional intelligence, but haven’t seen any tangible results? The truth is, EQ development is crucial for successful leadership in STEM fields. In this episode, we’ll explore proven strategies for harmonizing IQ and EQ, navigating the Wheel of Life, and embracing coaching and personal growth to become the influential leader you were meant to be. Say goodbye to ineffective advice and hello to real progress in your leadership journey.

We all need both sides of that coin to really deliver at the highest level.

My special guest is Zach White

Say hello to Zach White, a mechanical engineer from Purdue who found his calling in guiding STEM professionals as they step into leadership roles. After suffering from burnout and hitting rock bottom, Zach turned to coaching and experienced a life-changing transformation. He now uses his unique Lifestyle Engineering Blueprint to help others avoid the pitfalls he faced. Through his company, Oasis of Courage, Zach helps engineering and STEM professionals find their purpose, achieve harmony in their work and personal lives, and unlock their full potential.

This is Zach White’s story:

Zach White, a bright-eyed engineering graduate from Purdue, found himself on a leadership development program at Whirlpool Corporation. With his whole life ahead of him, he approached his career with the same strategy that had always served him well: get smarter and work harder. However, as he progressed in his career, he realized that this approach was no longer enough. Faced with burnout, depression, and the collapse of his personal life, Zach knew he needed a new strategy.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the significance of emotional intelligence in leadership for professionals in STEM fields.
  • Uncover the secrets to balancing IQ and EQ for exceptional leadership.
  • Explore the Wheel of Life framework to attain harmony in various life aspects.
  • Learn the vital shift from technical expertise to efficient people management.
  • Understand the indispensable role of coaching and personal growth for leadership development.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit Oasis of Courage website to learn more about Zach’s coaching services for Stem professionals struggling with burnout and frustration.
  • Consider taking the Lifestyle Engineering Blueprint course to transform your mindset and achieve your career and personal goals.
  • Reflect on your purpose and North Star to find alignment and achieve harmony between your work and personal life.
  • Create a wheel of life to assess your satisfaction in different dimensions of your life and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Check out the podcast network for more valuable insights and connections with like-minded individuals in the leadership space.

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