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Discover the benefits of investing in leadership training and understanding the human element of leadership with coach Matthew Brackett. But what happens when traditional models of promotion fail and individuals are placed in leadership roles they’re not prepared for? Tune in to find out.

The wisdom of leadership is to be able to adapt to the situation.

My special guest is Matthew Brackett

Say hello to Matthew Brackett, a leadership coach who understands the importance of the human element in effective leadership. His diverse background, which includes serving in religious ministry and extensive international travel, informs his comprehensive approach to leadership coaching. Armed with a master’s degree in the psychology of leadership, Matthew is passionate about helping leaders improve their personal and professional lives by focusing on the principles of leading better, loving better, and living better, setting the stage for successful organizations built on healthy relationships.

This is Matthew Brackett’s story:

Matthew Brackett, originally from Massachusetts, found himself on a unique journey that led him to deeply understand the importance of investing in leadership training and recognizing the human element in leadership roles. Growing up as the 10th of 13 children, Matthew was taught the values of generosity and service, which guided him into religious ministry. Over the years, he served in various international locations and later transitioned into coaching and education. Matthew’s dedication to helping others lead better, love better, and live better has been a consistent message throughout his work. During his time as a Navy chaplain, he observed the challenges that others faced when placed in leadership roles without adequate training or preparation. Matthew believes that organizations should invest in their people to set them up for success, promoting a healthy organizational well-being and ensuring the best outcomes for everyone involved.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the crucial role emotional intelligence plays in shaping successful leaders.
  • Uncover how coaching can foster self-awareness and reflective thinking for enhanced leadership.
  • Learn to overcome the difficulties organizations encounter when promoting individuals to leadership roles.
  • Realize the benefits of investing in leadership training and comprehending the human side of leading.
  • Recognize the significance of understanding values, identity, and needs for effective self-leadership and guiding others.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the Ezra platform to access coaching on demand for leadership, development, management training, and more.
  • Check out Matthew Brackett’s website, which will be launching soon, to learn more about his coaching and education services for leaders.
  • Consider pursuing a master’s degree in the psychology of leadership, like Matthew did, to gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and effective leadership.
  • Read Stephen R. Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to gain clarity on leadership principles and practices.
  • Take time to reflect on your own leadership style and how you can adapt to different situations and contexts to be more effective.
  • Explore the concept of servant leadership and consider how you can incorporate love and care for your team into your leadership approach.
  • Consider the importance of being nimble and adaptable as a leader, while staying centered in your beliefs and goals.
  • Take action to improve your leadership skills and effectiveness, whether through coaching, education, or self-reflection and growth.

Guest Bio:

Born the 10th of 13 children, in a small town in New England, Matthew left home at the age of 18 on a mission to serve others through formal religious ministry.  This led him to Italy, Ireland, England, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico along with a few years of active duty as a Special Staff Officer and Chaplain in the US Navy where he served Sailors and Marines. He transitioned from 30 years of formal ministry to resilience leadership coaching, education and mentorship to continue to serve human development and growth in a variety of professional sectors.

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Web: https://brackettalliance.com

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