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On Loop’s Projjal Ghatak Explains How to Make Them Work to Your Advantage in a Hybrid Workforce

Have you heard these myths about maximizing team performance in the hybrid work world? Myth #1: Remote work is less productive than in-person work. Myth #2: Hybrid teams are harder to manage than fully remote or fully in-person teams. Myth #3: Maintaining team culture is impossible in a hybrid work environment. Projjal Ghatak, our guest expert, will share the truth behind these myths and provide practical strategies for maximizing team performance in the hybrid work world. From habit-forming interventions to data analysis and objective feedback, you’ll leave with actionable steps to drive your team’s effectiveness.

All of the training on dei will get people nowhere unless we change certain practices at its root.

My special guest is Projjal Ghatak

Meet Projjal Ghatak: a leader with a global perspective and a knack for enhancing team effectiveness within the ever-evolving hybrid work environment. Projjal’s journey began in India and led him to pursue an MBA in California before taking on exciting roles at a tech company called Uber. As he grew within the leadership ranks, Projjal identified a significant gap in the tools available to assess and develop high-performing teams. With a deep understanding of management practices and a commitment to fostering team well-being, Projjal co-founded On Loop, an AI-powered platform designed to support manager and team effectiveness. Projjal’s innovative approach to team development seeks to create a more harmonious and fruitful workplace experience for today’s hybrid teams.

This is Projjal Ghatak’s story:

Projjal Ghatak’s journey began in India and took him to Singapore, North America, and back to Singapore, where he experienced firsthand the challenges of leading teams in various industries. Over the years, he consistently noticed the lack of effective tools and processes for assessing and developing teams. As the world started to adopt remote and hybrid work models, Projjal saw an opportunity to improve team performance management. He founded On Loop, a habit-forming, generative AI platform designed to help managers provide day-to-day clarity and guidance to their teams in a hybrid work world. Through On Loop’s collaborative team development framework, Projjal aims to make people fall in love with goals and feedback, transforming them from dreaded tasks to enjoyable, growth-oriented experiences.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how to optimize team performance in today’s hybrid work environment.
  • Learn the significance of putting employee well-being at the forefront.
  • Uncover the secret to transforming performance management through strategic cost analysis.
  • Delve into the process of promoting culture change using 12-week habit-forming interventions.
  • Explore OnLoop’s task management tool and its emphasis on individual and 360-degree feedback.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit On Loop’s website to learn more about their habit forming, generative AI platform for driving manager and team effectiveness in a new hybrid world.
  • Sign up for a free trial of On Loop’s platform to experience their collaborative team development framework, which includes layers for well-being, goals, superpowers, blind spots, and continuous learning.
  • Use On Loop’s clarity score to gain insight into your team’s performance and receive personalized recommendations for improving clarity and driving high performance.
  • Explore On Loop’s target project skills goals framework to set and track individual goals in a way that is continuous and effective.
  • Leverage On Loop’s recognition feedback system to identify team members’ superpowers and strengths, and use this information to help them excel in their roles.
  • Encourage team members to provide direct and kind feedback through On Loop’s blind spots layer, which can help them identify areas for improvement and grow as professionals.
  • Unlock On Loop’s learning content and other development pathways to support your team’s continuous learning and growth.
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  • https://www.youtube.com/@dougthorpe
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  • https://dougthorpe.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/headwayexec

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