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Have you heard these myths about combining marketing and sales to maximize inbound-led outbound strategies? Let’s debunk them and discover the truth together!

Myth 1: Marketing and sales teams should operate independently.

Myth 2: Inbound marketing is enough to drive sales growth.

Myth 3: Outbound strategies are outdated and ineffective.

Join us as we welcome Eric Quanstrom, an expert in optimizing marketing and sales alignment. Eric will share the truth behind these myths and reveal the key strategies for integrating marketing and sales to maximize growth in B2B industries. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion!

AI tools can help sales teams be more efficient and effective in their outreach.

My special guest is Eric Quanstrom

Say hello to Eric Quanstrom, an undisputed marketing heavyweight with a knack for turning data into profit. Having weathered the CMO title at five companies, he now lends his expertise to Science Technologies. He’s all about using big data in the most resourceful manner, charting a path to success with logical and informed steps. His unique approach to multichannel outbound marketing, redefining sales conversations, and ushering in quality leads, dramatically impacts bottom lines. With Eric, business growth is always a priority.

This is Eric Quanstrom’s story:

As a chief marketing officer, Eric Quanstrom’s passion for marketing was sparked at Science Technologies. Embarking on a mission to help businesses grow, he developed a distinctive approach to combining marketing and sales for maximizing inbound-led outbound strategies. Eric wasn’t content with the traditional spray and pray tactics. He delved deeper, analyzing and strategizing with a focus on relevancy. His journey led him to discover the significant role of identifying ideal customer profiles and understanding the complex nature of buying behaviors. Navigating the realms of list-led, intent-led, and inbound-led outbound strategies, Eric faced challenges but the learning experiences were invaluable. His story takes an exciting turn with the introduction of AI tools to enhance productivity. Eric’s ongoing pursuit of growth and his innovative approach to combining marketing and sales strategies serve as a beacon of inspiration in the marketing world.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Gain the edge with refined outbound lead generation techniques that spark meaningful growth.
  • Uncover the hidden power of relevance and its essential role in effective marketing.
  • Experience a deep-dive into the three facets of outbound lead generation: list-led, intent-led, and inbound-led.
  • Learn how to focus your efforts effectively on prospects who have interacted with your business website.
  • Explore the magic that happens when marketing and sales endeavors unify to amplify inbound-led outbound strategies.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit Science Technologies website to learn more about their software and services for lead generation and sales conversations.
  • Explore the variety of tools offered by Science Technologies to help identify in-market buying activity and prioritize outbound efforts.
  • Sign up for Science Technologies’ newsletter to stay updated on the latest marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Schedule a demo with Science Technologies to see how their solutions can help grow your company.
  • Contact Science Technologies to discuss your specific marketing needs and how they can assist you in achieving your goals.
  • Connect with Eric Quanstrom on LinkedIn to stay connected and engage in further discussions about marketing and sales strategies.
  • Check out the other episodes of Leadership Powered by Common Sense to gain insights and knowledge from other industry experts.

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