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Navigating the Fun Stage to Achieve Sustained Business Success

You’ve built your small business from the ground up, and now you’re ready to transition from the exciting early growth phase to predictable success. But despite following the advice you’ve been given, you’re not seeing the results you expected. You’ve been told that all you need to do is work harder, but the pain of long hours and exhausting effort is starting to take its toll. Don’t let the frustration of ineffective action hinder your success. Join us in this episode as we reveal the key strategies to smoothly navigate the transition and achieve sustained business success.

Pick which stage of business you want to be in, whether it’s the fun stage or the predictable success stage, and then do the right things to get there. – Les McKeown

My special guest is Les McKeown

Imagine the privilege of having someone who’s been involved in more than 40 business launches at your side. That person is our guest, Les McKeown. Born in Ireland, Les has a knack for starting and growing businesses. Embracing his innate curiosity of how organizations work, he uncovered common patterns of businesses that succeed and those that did not. Les developed the Predictable Success model to guide businesses from the fun stage to predictable success without losing their spark. An author and coach, he now spends his days helping entrepreneurs find their path to predictable success.

This is Les McKeown’s story:

Imagine starting as a CPA, growing fascinated with how businesses worked, and eventually becoming a serial entrepreneur at the ripe age of 35. That was the journey of Les McKeown, who found himself involved in 42 business launches by that time. Taking notes from his experiences, he saw common patterns in successful and failed businesses, leading to his creation of the Predictable Success model. It wasn’t an easy road, but Les understood that the journey from being in the fun stage of a startup to the predictable success stage was a path filled with hurdles. The thrill of launching a project, the joy of seeing it succeed, slowly gave way to the creeping complexities that growth brought, pushing him into a whitewater stage. It was a hard lesson for Les, but one that led him to see the importance of implementing robust systems and discipline, transforming growth into scale.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Harness the power of transitioning from the initial excitement to sustainable success.
  • Discover the significance of defining precise roles and responsibilities within your leadership team.
  • Learn how to tactfully address workforce transitions in evolving businesses.
  • Uncover the value of transparent communication in family-owned businesses.
  • Recognize the influence of altering team dynamics during various stages of business expansion. List 2:

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Purchase Les McKeown’s book Predictable Success to learn more about the model discussed in the interview.
  • Visit Les McKeown’s website to explore his resources and services for achieving predictable success in your organization.
  • Les McKeown discusses how to apply the predictable success model to your specific business.
  • Explore the Common Sense Leadership website to access more episodes of the podcast and gain additional insights on leadership.
  • Consider joining a business coaching or mentorship program to receive guidance and support in navigating the different stages of growth and achieving predictable success.
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