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Have you heard these myths about handling uncertainty and risk in STEM leadership? It’s time to separate fact from fiction. Myth #1: Successful leaders always have all the answers. Myth #2: Taking risks is always a bad thing. Myth #3: Uncertainty is a sign of weakness or incompetence. But here’s the truth: uncertainty is an inevitable part of STEM leadership, and successful leaders embrace it.

In our upcoming discussion, renowned STEM leader Ryan Lahti will debunk these myths and share proven strategies for excelling in uncertain environments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your STEM leadership skills!

The leaders who are really good at handling uncertainty and risk focus more on the underlying issue, not the party.

My special guest is Ryan Lahti

Enter Ryan Lahti, an innovative executive coach and expert in leadership dynamics within STEM organizations. Ryan journeyed different careers and industries with a purpose to understand and decode ways organizations compete, adapt, and thrive in unpredictable environments. His unique method of leadership, driven by vast research and data analysis, unveiled ‘seven essentials’ that separate effective and ineffective leaders amid uncertainty and pressure.

Now, Ryan’s mission is simple – guide other leaders to embrace these strategies for an empowered, winning workforce. Armed with his valuable insights, industry leaders in the STEM world are confidently embracing change, turning challenges into stepping stones to success. Ryan Lahti promises a new era of resilient leadership in the fast-evolving world of STEM.

This is Ryan Lahti’s story:

Ryan Lahti was an inquisitive young man who was drawn to understanding the dynamics of organizations, particularly those in the STEM fields. During his undergraduate years at UCLA, Ryan would often lose himself in library articles about leadership, strategy, and structure, going beyond his class assignments. This curiosity led him to a career path where he worked with a variety of organizations and wore many hats – from being a service provider to becoming the client himself. Ryan’s work across 20 industries revealed a pattern – leaders who handled uncertainty and risk effectively had certain characteristics. These seven essentials, as he termed them, were a mix of intrapersonal and interpersonal abilities. Ryan’s insights provide a remarkable blueprint for individuals seeking to thrive in leadership roles in STEM organizations.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit Ryan Lahti’s website to learn more about his coaching services for executives, board members, and leaders in STEM organizations. OrgLeader.com
  • Check out Ryan Lahti’s book, The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations available on Amazon.
  • Attend one of Ryan Lahti’s workshops or speaking engagements to gain valuable knowledge and strategies for succeeding in uncertain and risky environments. OrgLeader.com/finesse-programs
  • Connect with Ryan Lahti on LinkedIn to stay updated on his latest articles, videos, and resources for leadership in STEM organizations. LinkedIn.com/in/ryanlahti
  • Schedule a consultation with Ryan Lahti to discuss your specific leadership challenges and how he can help you navigate uncertainty and risk in your STEM organization. OrgLeader.com/contact
  • Follow Ryan Lahti on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for daily inspiration and insights: Twitter.com/RyanLahti

Guest Bio and Contact Info:

Dr. Ryan Lahti is the Founder and Managing Principal of OrgLeader. As a strategic advisor to STEM organizations, executives and board members, Ryan specializes in helping leaders excel in the face of risk and uncertainty.

Ryan combines business experience serving Fortune 500, middle market and emerging companies in 20 industries with a background in leadership and organizational effectiveness spanning three decades. Prior to founding OrgLeader in 2006, he worked for global consulting firms including Ernst & Young and Hay Group. He also held corporate positions overseeing leadership and organizational development.

As a thought leader, Ryan is the author of The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations. He is a frequent speaker on risk and uncertainty as well as a contributor to Forbes on leadership and organizational effectiveness topics. Ryan has been featured on NBC TV, Inside Forbes Councils and in publications such as Fast Company and CIO.

Ryan serves as the Co-Chair of the National Board Directors Opportunities Committee and Chair of the Southern California Board Director Opportunities Committee for the Private Directors Association. Find more information about Ryan and OrgLeader at OrgLeader.com.

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