The Generational Impact on Remote Work

Henry Kurkowski

You’re going to be surprised!

My guest for this episode of Leadership Powered by Common Sense is Henry Kurkoski. Henry created and runs a technology company, splitting his own time between Indianapolis and Key West.

As the pandemic settled in though, he started studying the effects that remote work was having on employees of all ages and across many different companies. He even wrote a book about it titled “Remote Work Technology” which was chosen as an Editor’s pick by Publisher’s Weekly’s review company BookLife. It was named the #1 book and ebook to read in 2022 on remote working by BookAuthority.

For the past 20 years, he has been at the forefront of managed WiFi technology and digital engagement as a founding partner in up-start technology companies in the telecommunications and SaaS industries. Working remotely has been their company standard for many years.

Join us as we explore the surprising results of the studies he conducted. All are covered in his book.


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