Peter Drucker once said, “Culture will eat strategy for breakfast.” But how does a leader build the right culture at work? The modern workforce is demanding better feedback cycles, more frequency, and better outcomes. How does a leader do that using an old annual system?

The answer is, you don’t.

I visit with Noah Pusey who is the founder of a platform called “Ripple.” It’s a solution to give companies the edge to fully replace stale, old-school annual assessments and employee evaluations. Instead, it uses the power of frequent feedback loops.

Noah is the President and CEO of Ripple Analytics – a cloud-based talent assessment platform that replaces the annual review with timely, objective, and actionable peer-to-peer data.  Noah received his bachelor’s in arts from Boston College and his juris doctor from Brooklyn Law School.  He lives in Huntington, New York, is the loving dad of 2 children, and loves to golf, ski, hike, and build companies.  Noah was born and raised on a small farm in southern Vermont where his parents and sister still live.

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  1. Ep 2002-046 – great reminder that employee engagement is a daily event not a once a year review. Using data to drive successes , accountability and recognition will alway be a win win situation.

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