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The current state of modern business has put leaders under new pressures. Post-COVID work standards, the Big Quit, a tight market, and now ever-increasing global inflation are just a few of the challenges current bosses must face.

Yet there is no leadership situation any more challenging than that of battlefield operations, fighting enemies whose tactics are unknown. Join me as I explore the lessons learned from one such leader who has served in battlefield conflicts across the globe. His training as an exclusive member of the Australian Paratroopers prepared him for battle in Afghanistan. After 11 years of serving and fighting, he took the lessons learned and built a thriving coaching practice in Australia. His name is Mark Ashby.

Join us in this episode as Mark and I talk about those tough lessons. We also explore the real meaning of leadership development.

Guest Bio:

Mark Ashby is a highly-regarded specialist who assists multinational companies and their leaders in crisis awareness, cultural change & high-performance leadership. He has displayed an extraordinary ability to perform optimally under stressful scenarios through extensive experiences as a member of the Elite Paratroopers in the Australian Army, he also spent 11 years in Iraq as a private security contractor.

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Hi, I am Doug Thorpe. Executive Coach, business advisor, and podcast host. My passion is helping business leaders break through the invisible wall between good management and great leadership.

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