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Leadership and business ownership are both a journey. Actually, all of life is a journey. So how do you look at your personal journey through business and life?

We’re talking about leadership and ownership. My guest is Bruce Werner, a third-generation entrepreneur. His family business produces the Werner ladders, a popular brand that is used by professionals and homeowners all across the nation. They also have other ancillary businesses. Bruce introduces us to the four pillars of successful business as he has come to know them.

Join us as we explore these key topics:

  • Understanding Bruce’s four pillars
  • Finding the right understanding for building wealth
  • Identifying personal purpose
  • Step back and explore your why
  • Be mindful of the temptation to branch out from your core business

Guest Bio:

Bruce Werner is an author, business consultant, independent director, and columnist who helps business owners address their governance, strategy, capital, talent, and succession issues.

Bruce is the Managing Director of Kona Advisors LLC, which provides governance and advisory services to middle-market businesses. His range of assignments has included board formation, strategy, finance, M&A, succession planning and all facets of family business consulting.

Mr. Werner is an experienced outside director, having served on numerous boards during periods
of growth, restructuring and crisis management. Bruce recently published his new book “Your Ownership Journey”
He writes and speaks on ownership and governance issues impacting the middle market.

You can reach Bruce at 847-910-2025 or

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