The Employment Game and the Erudites 123

Liz Capants



Business owners and people in leadership are always faced with having to hire people on their teams. I’m not sure I know anyone who simply ‘loves’ hiring. It’s a chore for managers and job seekers alike.

Fortunately, there will be those who appear for the job interview who have that very special skill or experience. One that comes from great knowledge acquired by on-the-job training or deep learning; i.e. “the Erudite.”

In this show, I explore those uniquely gifted people who make the work world amazing. I’m talking with Liz Capants. Liz runs a placement agency but has also found the benefit of creating a global network of Erudites. It’s a powerful idea she shares with us.

Listen for:

Trends in the hiring space post-pandemic

What is happening in the market

Shorten the interview and application process

The shift in employee mindset and how to deal with it

Identifying truly unique talent and not letting them get far away

Why is it so hard to get feedback from an interview?

Guest Bio:

Liz Capants, President & Founder, Global Executive Search, EBC Associates & Erudites Networking Group.

Liz launched EBC Associates, LLC in 2008, a global specialized executive search, business consulting, and referral networking services firm. Since then, the business has grown to a global network of affiliate partnerships to drive growth, and Erudites Networking Group was formed as a subsidiary.

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