The Gooder Life: A Conversation with Kendall Lyman on Authentic Leadership

In a recent episode of my podcast, I had the pleasure of engaging in a thought-provoking conversation with Kendall Lyman, author of “The Gooder Life.” We delved into the concept of the “Gooder Life” and the importance of being intentional and authentic in leadership.

The Concept of the “Gooder Life”

Kendall shared a fascinating story about his uncle’s advice to choose between “good or gooder” days. As he matured, he realized that living a better life goes beyond making that choice. It’s about adopting a mindset of continuous improvement and striving to be better each day. His book explores essential attitudes and principles that contribute to the “Gooder Life,” which applies not only to personal life but also to leadership.

The Importance of Authenticity in Leadership

We discussed the importance of being intentional in everything we do and how our actions and words can have a lasting impact on others. In a world that craves authenticity, it’s crucial to be true to oneself and allow our authentic selves to shine through in our leadership. People can see through fake actions and words, and they yearn for something real and genuine.

Kendall emphasized the importance of being real and authentic as leaders. He believes that leaders should be willing to admit their mistakes and take ownership of them. By being honest and vulnerable, leaders can build trust and establish authenticity.

The Three Essential Attitudes for Authentic Leadership

Kendall also discussed the three essential attitudes that he believes are the foundation for authentic leadership: being thankful, humble, and respectful. Being thankful allows us to have a different perspective and be grateful for the things around us. Being humble means being vulnerable and showing respect to everyone, regardless of their position.

The Struggles of Leadership

We touched on the struggles of leadership and the challenges faced by people in positions of authority who may not have the necessary skills or qualities to be effective leaders. Kendall mentioned that people often become supervisors based on their technical skills rather than their ability to lead and manage others. This can lead to failure and negative experiences for both the leaders and their subordinates.

The Importance of Being People-Centric

We agreed on the importance of being people-centric and sensitive as leaders, understanding that employees have lives outside of work and need support and authenticity from their leaders. The old style of command and control management needs to be replaced with a more authentic and empathetic approach.

The Gooder Life: Where to Learn More

As we wrapped up our conversation, Kendall directed listeners to various outlets such as Amazon, Books-A-Million, and Walmart online to find his book, “The Gooder Life.” He also invited listeners to visit thegoodlife.com or thegoodorlifegroup.com to learn more about him and his work.

Final Thoughts

I expressed my appreciation for Kendall’s insights and the opportunity to discuss these ideas. I emphasized that the purpose of our show is to provide simple, common-sense solutions and encouraged listeners to consider their leadership style and strive to be authentic leaders that others can respect and rally around.

In conclusion, Kendall and I signed off, thanking listeners for tuning in and wishing them a great day. Remember, leadership is about making choices and responding to life’s challenges in a positive way. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary for personal and professional growth.

Guest Bio

Kendall Layman is a purpose-driven executive leader, speaker, and author. He’s passionate about educating organizations and individuals on the characteristics of authentic leadership and how to achieve the true success they deserve.  In his book, The Gooder Life, Kendall penned some of his most valuable insights gained over decades of work and life experiences. Kendall and his wife Kathy of 37 years have a passion for building, camping, and especially for spending time with their young grandchildren; all of which keep their lives in proper perspective and help them live a Gooder Life.





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