Carolyn Mahboubi and Doug Thorpe

Shifting Mindsets for Success: A Conversation with Carolyn, the Leadership Coach

As the host of the podcast “Leadership Powered by Common Sense,” I recently had the pleasure of welcoming Carolyn Mahboubi, a professional life and leadership coach, onto the show. With a background in luxury fashion and a decade of coaching experience, Carolyn brought a wealth of knowledge and insights to our discussion. We delved into the power of mindset, the importance of embracing challenges, and the pressures faced by young adults today.

Meet Carolyn Mahboubi: From Luxury Fashion to Leadership Coaching

Carolyn’s journey is as fascinating as it is inspiring. She spent her early career in the luxury fashion industry, working with iconic brands like Gianni Versace, Hermes, and Gucci. Born in Iran, she moved to the United States before the revolution and is now a parent to two young adults. Her diverse experiences have shaped her approach to coaching, particularly when working with young adults.

The Power of Mindset

Our conversation quickly turned to the importance of mindset and the role it plays in achieving success. Carolyn explained that as we age, our intelligence may change, but we gain a kind of wisdom or crystallized intelligence that allows us to connect the dots in a way we couldn’t when we were younger. She emphasized that the only thing holding people back from achieving success is their mindset and limiting beliefs.

In my own coaching work, I’ve seen this firsthand. I’ve encountered clients who have limiting beliefs about their abilities, which often hinders their progress.

Living Life as a Professional

Carolyn shared her perspective on training the mind and making distinctions between living life as an amateur or a professional. She explained that it’s about developing skills and putting in the hours of practice. She encourages people to take radical responsibility for how they engage with the world.

Embracing Challenges and Shifting Mindsets

We discussed the importance of embracing challenges and shifting from a victim mindset to an owner mindset. Life is not always easy, and it’s essential to teach this to children as well. I shared my experience with my own children, encouraging them to embrace difficult situations as part of their journey into adulthood.

Carolyn added that many of us carry a victim mindset without realizing it, constantly complaining about various aspects of our lives. She highlighted the need to catch ourselves in this mindset and shift into an owner mindset.

The Pressures on Young Adults Today

Carolyn and I also discussed the pressures and expectations placed on young people today. Despite coming from prosperous families and good schools, many young adults struggle with feeling like nothing is ever enough. This generation has been influenced by the message to “go big or go home,” which has led to confusion and a misunderstanding of how success is achieved.

I agreed with Carolyn and mentioned the pressure young people face to perform well acadically in order to get into good colleges. I’ve met current college students who are bright and competitive, but also feel the pressure to constantly perform.

Transformational Coaching: Aligning Goals with Values

Carolyn believes that transformational coaching can help address these issues. She explained that coaching is not just about strategies and tactics, but also about aligning goals with values. She mentioned that many people only realize this in the second half of their lives, which can lead to disappointment and a midlife crisis.

Carolyn shared her favorite books for business and leadership. She recommends “The Road Less Stupid,” “Multipliers” by Liz Wiseman, “Give and Take” by Adam Grant, and “Overcoming Under Earning.” Each of these books offers unique insights into leadership, success, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

In conclusion, our conversation with Carolyn was enlightening and thought-provoking. It underscored the importance of mindset in achieving success and the role of coaching in helping individuals align their goals with their values. Whether you’re a young adult feeling the pressure to succeed or a professional looking to shift your mindset, Carolyn’s insights offer valuable guidance.

Guest Bio:

Carolyn Mahboubi is a distinguished Life and Leadership Coach who works with some of the most extraordinary and interesting people in the world.

Armed with over four decades of leadership and entrepreneurial prowess, she empowers her clients (both young and not-so-young adults) to seize the reins of their lives, families, and businesses, and lead with Radical Responsibility.

Her area of expertise lies in transforming amateur mindsets into a professional outlook, a crucial aspect in the Game of Life. Why does she call it “The Game of Life”?

Because, just like any game, life:

– Has a beginning and an end.

– There are rules to be observed if we want to stay in the game.

– There are winners and losers.

– It’s not about our worth — it’s about our skills.

– We can always improve at it.

– We don’t have full control over the outcome, but we do over the process.

– It’s got to be fun!

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