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Unleashing Your Potential: The Power of Mindset and Personal Transformation

As the host of “Leadership Powered by Common Sense,” I’ve had the privilege of discussing a myriad of topics that are vital to personal and professional growth. In one of our most enlightening episodes, I sat down with the remarkable Jenna Smith to unravel the complexities of changing one’s mindset and the journey to getting unstuck—a challenge many of my coaching clients face.

Jenna Smith: A Journey into Mindset Mastery

From a tender age, Jenna was captivated by the intricacies of human behavior. Her curiosity led her down a path of diverse experiences, from singing and music to healing and psychotherapy. Jenna’s deep dive into what makes us thrive as humans revealed the profound connection between our natural environment, our emotions, and our capacity for personal transformation.

In our conversation, Jenna shared her approach to coaching, which centers on guiding clients to a place of deep satisfaction and peace. It’s not just about achieving goals; it’s about nurturing a state of being that resonates with one’s core values and purpose.

The Plight of the High Achiever

Many of Jenna’s clients are high achievers who, despite their successes, feel a nagging sense of dissatisfaction and stagnation. These individuals often reach a point in midlife where the pursuit of achievements no longer fulfills them, leaving them searching for something more meaningful.

Beliefs and Their Grip on Our Lives

We delved into the power of beliefs and their influence on our thoughts and behaviors. Jenna illuminated the fact that our beliefs, whether self-crafted or inherited, shape our reality. She stressed the importance of conscious awareness and the role of curiosity in challenging and changing those beliefs that limit us. The discussion also touched on imposter syndrome, a common manifestation of deep-seated beliefs related to shame and inadequacy.

Leadership, Change, and the Ego

Change is daunting, and for leaders and business owners, it can be particularly challenging. Jenna and I explored the fear of losing control and the ego’s resistance to change. For small business owners, scaling operations presents its own set of challenges, often rooted in a reluctance to relinquish control. Jenna emphasized the necessity for leaders to adopt flexibility and openness to foster growth and adaptability.

The Fear of Success and Financial Strategies

Our beliefs not only affect our personal lives but also our professional decisions, including our approach to financial growth. Jenna shared her personal experiences with overcoming limiting beliefs and underscored the importance of having a clear vision for the future. We also discussed practical aspects like pricing strategies and resource allocation, which are crucial for business expansion.

Cultivating an Authentic Company Culture

The alignment between a company’s stated values and the actual behavior of its leaders is paramount. Jenna highlighted the need for authenticity and a genuine commitment to the values promoted within an organization. It’s about embodying those values and living in integrity to create a positive and aligned company culture.

The Self-User Manual: A Tool for Growth

I shared an intriguing concept introduced by a recent guest: creating a personal user manual. This living document, which is regularly updated to reflect changes in beliefs and needs, can be shared with employees and colleagues to enhance communication and collaboration.

Self-Awareness: The Key to Mastery

Understanding our reactions and behaviors, especially under stress, is critical. Jenna emphasized the importance of self-awareness and connecting with our subconscious mind and body’s resources. This level of self-knowledge is essential for mastering our responses and fostering better relationships.

Conclusion: The Path to Better Leadership

As we wrapped up the episode, I thanked Jenna for her invaluable insights. For those looking to connect with Jenna, she’s accessible through her website and Instagram. I also invited listeners to view the video version of our podcast on YouTube and to share their thoughts and ideas for future episodes.

The overarching message of our discussion was clear: self-reflection, self-awareness, and an understanding of our behaviors and needs are not just self-help buzzwords; they are the foundation for effective communication, relationships, and leadership. As we continue on our paths, let us embrace the journey of personal transformation with the same vigor we apply to our external pursuits. It’s in this inner work that we unlock our true potential and power.

Creator of the Re-Sourcing MethodTM Jenna Smith provides a tangible framework for people to access their untapped resources in order to live a life of purpose, deep confidence and self-trust.

An in-demand speaker, professional singer, coach, and author, Jenna is known as the “real deal” to get clients past trying and fixing and into a new normal living as their ideal self — permanently.
She guides people back to their original nature before they contorted to societal success metrics and lost themselves in the process.

Cutting through half-baked Woo-Woo and Ra-Ra self-development, The Re-Sourcing Method provides concrete easy-to-learn tools for tangible results that can continue to grow with them, as they grow.

Jenna has trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Ontological Coaching, Peak Performance, Oneness, as well as Shamanism and Intuitive healing from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland and North America.

Contact Info and Links:

Website: www.jennasmithcoaching.com

Follow on IG: @adventuresinjennaland

Program/Sales to feature: You are the Manual Self Study – $97 http://jennasmithcoaching.teachable.com/

Free Conversation to find out about programs: “Discovery Call”


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