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The Journey to Executive Coaching

Hello everyone, I’m Doug Thorpe, your host at “Leadership Powered by Common Sense,” and today I want to share with you some profound insights from a recent conversation I had with Cheryl Lynn Mobley, an executive coach with an exceptional background in leadership and organizational performance.

Cheryl’s journey to becoming an executive coach was anything but planned. Despite her initial reluctance, she found herself in the role of a hospital president, where she led her team to operate at what is known in healthcare as 99% top performance. This means that when compared to other hospitals across the country, Cheryl’s team consistently performed at the highest level.

The 99 Guiding Questions Framework

During our discussion, Cheryl revealed the secret sauce behind her success: the 99 Guiding Questions framework. This framework is a collection of critical questions that leaders should ask themselves, their teams, and their organizations. It’s about showing up differently, focusing on what matters, and ignoring the distractions. The core principle of this framework is congruence. You can’t excel in one area while failing in another and expect to achieve top-tier performance.

The Wheel of Life and Organizational Balance

Drawing parallels to the Wheel of Life coaching tool, we discussed the importance of balance in an organization. Just like a bicycle, if one area is lacking, the entire ride becomes bumpy and challenging. This analogy perfectly captures the essence of organizational performance, where every part must function harmoniously to achieve smooth and efficient operations.

Overcoming the Matrix Organization Challenge

Cheryl and I also touched on the complexities of running a matrix organization, especially within a large healthcare system. She emphasized the importance of understanding not only the impact of one’s own role but also how it interconnects with others. This interconnectedness is crucial for a seamless operation where everyone’s contribution is vital.

The Best Place to Give and Receive Care

One of Cheryl’s key strategies was to create a rallying cry for her team: to make their hospital the best place in the world to both give and receive care. This clear and compelling vision guided every decision and idea. It was a simple yet powerful way to align the team’s efforts and maintain focus on their ultimate goal.

Celebrating Success and Valuing Contributions

Cheryl highlighted the significance of celebrating successes and valuing each team member’s contributions. Recognizing and praising employees at all levels fosters a culture of appreciation and motivates everyone to continue performing at their best.

The Universality of Leadership Principles

What struck me most about our conversation was the universality of the leadership principles Cheryl discussed. Whether in healthcare or banking, the same values and elements of leadership can lead to extraordinary achievements. It’s not about the industry specifics but about the core leadership practices that drive success.

Clarity, Consistency, and Employee Involvement

In the latter part of our discussion, Cheryl underscored the importance of clarity and consistency in leadership. She pointed out that constantly changing priorities can create confusion and hinder an organization’s progress. Leaders must maintain a clear focus and involve employees in the decision-making process to overcome resistance to change and tap into the valuable perspectives they offer.

Connecting with Cheryl Lynn Mobley

For those interested in learning more about Cheryl’s approach to leadership and organizational development, she provided information on how to connect with her and access additional resources. Her insights are not only thought-provoking but also actionable, providing leaders with the tools they need to elevate their organizations.

Final Thoughts

As we wrapped up our conversation, it became clear that the path to high performance in any organization lies in the principles of clarity, consistency, and genuine care for both employees and customers. By embracing these values and implementing frameworks like the 99 Guiding Questions, leaders can create an environment where excellence is not just an aspiration but a reality.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of leadership best practices. I hope you’ve found these insights as enlightening as I have, and I encourage you to apply them in your own leadership journey. Remember, it’s about making common sense common practice. Until next time, keep leading with excellence and making a difference in your organizations.

Cheryl Lynn Mobley, is the CEO and Founder of reCalibrate, and she thrives on empowering corporate leaders who want to transform their organizations into Epic Workplaces™. To help them ‘buy’ speed, she gives them the tools they need to live in the top 1% year after year in their respective markets.

Cheryl has personally experienced both sides of the coin – work experiences that sucked the life out of her, and work experiences that set her up to stretch, grow and make a contribution.

In her previous life as a hospital president, she was blessed to work with the best team ever! Under her leadership, the hospital consistently nailed ninety-ninth percentile performance nationally (vis-a-vis all hospitals in the U.S.) in their key metrics and remained there annually.

After being asked over and over how they did it, she founded reCalibrate to guide other leaders and their organizations into this same level of performance as quickly and sustainably as possible. She created the Be99® Guiding Questions Framework by reverse engineering what they did in their hospital to achieve such consistent top-level results. These proven and proprietary methodologies reveal the interrelated puzzle pieces that lead organizations to similar ninety-ninth percentile performance. Her boutique advisory firm has impacted global brands and Mid-Market organizations around the world with her Epic Workplace™ Framework.

She is a speaker and the author of the recently released leadership book Face to Face, A Guide to Leading More Skillfully in Times of Great Disruption and Uncertainty, which is crafted around her experience on a horse safari in South Africa. Who knew that was even possible? The coffee-table book delivers rare insight into the collective wisdom of 25 other leaders from around the world.

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