ST Rappaport

The human brain is an amazing organism. Yet too many of us go through life without leveraging its natural capacity.

Studying the opportunity to expand your mind’s eye is an interesting area. My guest overcame early childhood learning difficulties to discover the power of cognitive function. The guest is a young lady named ST (Es-tee) Rappaport.

Join us as ST reveals the 28 areas of cognitive function. She helps us understand the power of improving these 28 areas to achieve a genius zone.

Guest Bio:

ST Rappaport works with entrepreneurs who, despite trying everything, still struggle to focus and increase productivity.  ST assists them in rewiring their brain so they can remove overwhelm, finally get things done and grow their business.

Links for ST:

Cognitive function assessment:  www.lifepixuniversity.com/cf

Podcast: LifePix University

Watch YouTube Channel for this Episode:


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