Building a great business takes many things. Entrepreneurs and owners have a lot to consider. So where do you start?

Once you get started, how do you grow the business? Getting more customers is not the only thing to worry about.

Further, when you face tough times, what decisions make the most sense?

In this episode, we’re going to tackle all of those questions. Join me as I chat with Claire Chandler, a corporate survivor turned entrepreneur.

Guest Bio

The President and Founder of Talent Boost, Claire Chandler specializes in leadership and business value creation. She taps into over 25 years of experience in people leadership, human resources, and business ownership to help business owners, acquirers and leaders accelerate their growth strategy. She has broad-based expertise in management team due diligence, organizational design, acquisition integration, and onboarding, strategic planning, and performance acceleration.

Watch the Video:

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