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Building a Thriving Business: A Conversation with Levi Torres

As a podcaster, I have the privilege of engaging with some of the most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs in the industry. One such individual is Levi Torres, the owner of High 5 Plumbing in Denver. In a recent episode of my podcast, “Leadership Powered by Common Sense,” I had the opportunity to delve into the secrets behind Levi’s success.

The Power of People in Business

Levi Torres is a firm believer in the power of people. He and his wife, Cassie, who is also a co-owner of High 5 Plumbing, have a rich history in network marketing. This experience has taught them the value of building a team and helping individuals succeed. Their mission at High 5 Plumbing is to create a positive impact on their team, clients, and community.

One of the unique ways they support their team is through individual vision boards. When employees join High 5, they create vision boards with images and goals they want to achieve. These boards are displayed in their workstations, serving as a constant reminder of their aspirations. Levi believes that having a clear vision helps track progress and motivates employees to work towards their goals.

The Importance of Processes and Systems

Processes and systems are the backbone of any successful business, and High 5 Plumbing is no exception. They have a 12-step system called the “12 Steps to the Ultimate Client Experience,” which technicians are expected to follow. This eliminates any confusion and provides clear guidelines for success.

From how to park their truck to how to introduce themselves to customers, Hi5 Plumbing has processes for every aspect of the job. They even have processes for checking into the office, submitting paperwork, and accepting payments. These systems help employees see areas where they can improve and gives them a path to success.

Incentivizing and Making Work Enjoyable

High 5 Plumbing has some unique approaches to incentivizing and making the job more enjoyable. Each employee gets their own personalized tracking number and business card that looks like a baseball card. When a customer calls and books a service using that tracking number, the employee receives a $25 bonus. They also have a dartboard where employees can throw darts and earn bonuses based on where they hit. Additionally, they celebrate employees who receive five-star reviews by taking a selfie with the customer and high-fiving them.

Supporting Employees’ Career Goals

Levi and I discussed the importance of supporting employees’ career goals and providing them with the necessary education and resources. Instead of trying to hold them back, they suggest helping them along the way, which can foster a sense of loyalty and gratitude towards the employer.

Levi shares his experience of having employees express their desire to start their own plumbing businesses. Rather than getting upset, he engages in conversations with them, offering guidance and sharing the challenges he faced when starting his own company.

Embracing Competition and Constantly Evolving

We also discussed the importance of embracing competition and constantly evolving to stay ahead. They believe that if you’re worried about others taking your ideas, it means you’re not generating enough good ideas. They encourage business owners to be open and share their knowledge, as businesses are constantly changing, and what works today may not work in the future.

The Growth Journey of High 5 Plumbing

Levi shares the growth journey of his company, High Five Plumbing. They initially focused on new construction and remodeling but shifted to residential service in 2016. After revamping their management team in 201

Meeting with Managers and Staying Aligned with Goals

Levi Torres, the owner and ultimate leader of the business, discusses his process for meeting with his four managers and how they stay aligned with their goals. They have a daily 10 to 15-minute huddle every morning to discuss the plan for the day and ensure they are on track to hit their goals.

Investing in Oneself and Having a Personal Coach

Levi also highlights the significance of investing in oneself and having a personal coach. He believes that everyone should have someone they can lean on for support and guidance in tough decisions. Taking time for personal development and gaining clarity on the company’s direction is crucial for effective leadership.

The Partnership with His Wife in the Business

The conversation then shifts to Levi’s partnership with his wife in the business. He acknowledges that it can be challenging, but having a clear vision and goal helps them navigate any difficulties. They have open communication and trust that each of them is working towards what’s best for the business. They also set boundaries between work and personal life to maintain a healthy balance.

Having Fun and Creating a Positive Team Culture

Lastly, Levi discusses the importance of having fun and creating a positive team culture within their company. He mentions that their team enjoys their work and this has allowed them to build and create what they have today. Their efforts in the community have attracted attention, leading to walk-in interviews every day from people who want to be a part of their mission.

In conclusion, my conversation with Levi Torres was a testament to the power of people, processes, and performance in building a thriving business. His commitment to pushing forward with High 5 is inspiring, and I am confident that High Five will eventually expand across the nation.

For more insights and conversations like this, I invite you to visit my website for more information about my coaching and advisory services. And remember, make it a great day!

Guest Bio:

In 2012, Levi opened High 5 Plumbing in Denver. Since starting the company, he has remained dedicated to contributing to the industry beyond just providing excellent plumbing services. One of Levi’s goals was to revolutionize the industry outside of the services they provided. One way he did this was by flushing away the stereotype of how a plumber looks. Eliminating the traditional button-up shirt, Levi outfitted his employees with baseball jerseys that sported their logo. The change was an instant success with customers in the Denver area clamoring to own similar merchandise. This led to Levi rolling out High5Colorado.com, a clothing website where customers can purchase High 5 clothing and other merchandise. Through these efforts, Levi and High 5 Plumbing are proving that the plumbing industry can be fashionable by presenting personality through their apparel.

While changing the perception of the industry is something near and dear to Levi’s heart, he hasn’t lost sight of the main reason he entered the industry — helping the customers. High 5 Plumbing remains dedicated to providing its customers with premium services across the Denver area. Nothing made that more evident than the company’s decision to open a second location in Littleton, Colorado. With Levi’s guidance, the company made a successful move to its new location and expanded its reach to a new customer base. Providing the same services as their headquarters in Denver, the residents of the south Denver Metro area now have access to premium plumbing services 24/7.


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