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Does this sound familiar? You’re trying to improve employee engagement, but the strategies you’ve been told to implement just aren’t working. Maybe you’ve tried implementing more rules and regulations, or perhaps you’ve tried offering incentives. But despite your efforts, your team still seems disengaged. The truth is, these ineffective actions are only causing you more pain. You’re struggling to lead effectively in this post-pandemic world, and you’re not alone. But there is hope. In this episode, we’ll reveal the seven key attributes of effective leaders that will transform your team’s engagement and improve your financial performance.

The more confident employees were of their success, the more predicted both customer satisfaction and financial performance.

My special guest is Jack Wiley

Allow us to introduce Jack Wiley, a renowned professional in the field of organizational psychology whose international experience has helped shape his expertise. Through his work in conducting employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys, Jack has developed a deep understanding of how satisfied employees and customers directly influence the financial performance of a company. After selling his own business, Jack delved into academia as a full-time professor, focusing on industrial organizational psychology. He applied this knowledge to publish The Employee-Centric Manager, a breakthrough book aimed at helping leaders understand their employees’ needs. Jack’s unique perspective makes him an essential resource for those seeking to improve employee engagement.

This is Jack Wiley’s story:

Jack Wiley, an organizational psychologist, began his journey in the corporate world before starting his own company that specialized in employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys. After selling his company and taking a year off, he pursued a career in academics, eventually publishing his book, The Employee Centric Manager. Jack’s extensive research took him through a 25-year journey, allowing him to gather data from various countries around the world. In his studies, he discovered that there are seven key attributes that employees value in their leaders, encapsulated in his RESPECT acronym. This valuable insight serves as a guide for leaders navigating the post-pandemic world and maintaining a strong team.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your skills in effective leadership that drives improved employee engagement.
  • Unveil the critical qualities of influential leaders that triumph in post-pandemic scenarios.
  • Grasp the invaluable impact of trust, communication, and recognition on employee engagement success.
  • Master the art of managing up and constructing solid connections with your colleagues.
  • Embrace the vital concept of empathy and respect, leading to a flourishing workplace environment.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out Jack Wiley’s book, The Employee Centric Manager for more information on what employees want from their employers.
  • Conduct an employee engagement survey to understand the needs and wants of your workforce.
  • Ensure that senior leadership is communicating a clear vision and direction for the company to build trust and confidence among employees.
  • Implement recognition programs to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and contributions.
  • Provide challenging and exciting work opportunities to keep employees engaged and motivated.
  • Offer job security to help employees feel confident in their future with the company.
  • Ensure fair pay for employees based on their competencies and the external market.
  • Provide opportunities for education and career growth to help employees develop new skills and advance within the company.
  • Create positive working conditions that prioritize safety, work-life balance, and team cooperation.
  • Be transparent and truthful with employees about the company’s performance, direction, and their own performance contributions.

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Guest Bio:

DR. JACK WILEY is president and CEO of both Employee Centricity LLC and Jack Wiley Consulting, LLC; he also serves as the Chief Scientific Officer at Engage2Excel. He is an award-winning organizational psychologist, researcher, leadership consultant, and author of three books, The Employee-Centric Manager: 8 Keys to People-Management Effectiveness (2021), RESPECT: Delivering Results by Giving Employees What They Really Want (2012), and Strategic Employee Surveys: Evidence-Based Guidelines for Driving Organizational Success (2010). With more than 30 years of experience studying what employees most want and what organizational design factors best promote business success, he is a frequent keynote speaker and media contributor — on issues related to the workplace, employee engagement and retention, leadership effectiveness, and business performance.

Links for Dr. Wiley:

Employee Centricity LLC: https://www.employeecentricity.com/

Media Coverage: https://www.employeecentricity.com/in-the-media

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