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Who says that? What I’m trying to say is that in this episode, we’re talking about all aspects of being an entrepreneur. Top to bottom, A to Z, soup to nuts… you get it.

My guest is Brian Kelly, himself a serial entrepreneur and specialist who has really been there, done that. Join us as he shares his experience and observations about the best ways to:

  • Shape your mindset (he even uses neural linguistic approaches)
  • Create effective planning for powerful execution
  • Automating your business
  • Learning the carper bombing marketing techniques
  • And much more.

Guest Bio:

📌 Brian Kelly is an entrepreneur trainer, author, speaker, and automation expert (peers have named him “The Automation Master.”). He loves helping others to achieve success. He trains & teaches how to utilize Live Interview-Style Video Shows to saturate the marketplace with your message, which results in making more money in less time and with less effort.

✔️ Entrepreneurs hire Brian to Reach Their Peak because most do not stand out in the marketplace & fail to attract a steady stream of ideal clients.
🎬 So he helps them reveal their personal & unique massive exposure machine, free up their time, and create a steady stream of revenue.
💲 Bottom line, he helps entrepreneurs establish high-value relationships that will result in high-end connections and joint venture partnerships within 12 months, guaranteed.

Links to Social Media Pages for Brian:


Gifts for the audience:

https://PeakMasterclass – a free Masterclass called the “Advanced Live Video Masterclass.”  Absolutely nothing is for sale during (or after) the masterclass
https://ReachYourPeakClub.com – a free membership portal containing massive discounts on tools entrepreneurs use every day

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