Exploring the World of Customer Service

Dr. Kelly Henry

Customer service is such a vital part of any business. Dr. Kelly Henry knows this all too well. Join me as he shares his experience transforming from a struggling practicing chiropractor to a vibrant, multi-office practice that he later sold. He is now a business coach and author of his book “Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service.”

For 20 plus years, award-winning chiropractor Dr. Kelly Henry helped patients achieve and live healthier lives.

With the foundation of exceptional customer service and streamlined business procedures, Dr. Henry grew his business into the top producing chiropractic clinics in the nation with multiple locations and doctors.

After retiring from private practice in 2018, Dr. Henry has dedicated himself to consulting and coaching business owners on how to create incredible growth and profits using the processes and procedures he used to create phenomenal success in his offices.

Watch the video version.

Visit Dr. Kelly Henry at https://drkellyhenry.com or https://bizprofitboost.com

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