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In this episode, we tackle the classic yin and yang of whether to decide to leave a corporate gig to launch out on your own. My guest is Corrie LoGiudice of Long Island. She has a fascinating view to share with you.

Here are Corrie’s own words…

Back in 2016… I had achieved this in my own unique way. I was new mother and as luck would have it, my marriage disintegrated at the exact same time as my son’s arrival. I was also Senior Vice President of my family’s business, and the 3rd generation to be running it.

I moved myself and my son from our home in Brooklyn, NY to the suburbs of Long Island. That way I could save money, be closer to my family, and ultimately create a better life for him.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed… and in complete denial about it.

Every day, I commuted back and forth to Brooklyn, and as time moved on… I became miserable and irritable. I was out to work before my son woke up, and saw him an hour in the evenings. The most I ever saw him was through my home’s security camera systems.

One day I added up the number of hours I was paying my au pair to watch him, and it totaled TWENTY HOURS! I was paying someone a part-time salary so I could commute to my full-time job!

But I was convinced everything was okay, and nothing needed to change.

It wasn’t until I was the one to discover someone I loved dearly had taken his own life that I finally surrendered to my own overwhelm.

This pivotal life moment inspired the major changes I needed to make in my own life, career and business. It also inspired me to come up with a framework to help others reduce their own overwhelm and take action on what they truly want.

It’s since been featured on TEDx, and is the same framework I coach and speak on today. I’ve also been featured in the Mighty, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Elite Daily, Girlboss, HelloGiggles, the Everygirl, Insider & Business Insider.

I’m now enjoying the freedom and flexibility taking action has awarded me.

Website: http://www.corrielo.com

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