Chrissy Bernal

Having perfect clarity in your brand messaging takes real work. There’s no hiding that fact or skipping steps and cutting corners. In this show, we explore what it means to really zero in on a brand message that generates the right levels of response and action by your perfect prospects.

People in business are reasonably good at talking about vision, although they don’t probably nail a vision statement per se, but they’ve got one. If you talk to them for a while, they can pretty well tell you why they started the business they’ve got and what they want to achieve with it. But past that, it starts to unravel, The messaging about who they are and what pain points they solve or serve get lost. Without that, the rest of the story tends to break down.

My guest is Chrissy Bernal. She is the founder of “Be a Better Brand.”

Guest Bio:

After accidentally ending up in the global spotlight for her unique identical twins, she was forced to create & grow a brand on the fly. She knew she needed to harness the power of the publicity they were getting. Fast forward 15 years, and now by combining her formal education with the real-world knowledge gained from her family’s growth toward global brand awareness, she has a deep understanding of how to help brands clearly communicate their stories, increase their influence & reduce the chaos experienced in the journey of being known, and she does so with proven Branding & Marketing frameworks and strategic PR.

Chrissy founded Be a Better Brand, a brand guidance and PR agency that uses a combination of coaching and consulting along with public relations to help brands achieve the success they desire.

She began her professional career as a newspaper editor for The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, her university. Since graduating over 20 years ago, she’s also become a published author and ghostwriter and has been involved in every aspect of building a brand.

Chrissy lives with her husband and three children, one of whom has special needs, just outside of Houston, TX, and has three European Blue Great Danes.

When not working or attending one of her daughter’s gigs, you can find her watching a Hallmark mystery movie, reading a book, going to the gym, or trying something new in the kitchen.

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