Dr Irene Cop

It’s just plain wrong that society has programmed us to believe that success takes hard work, long hours, and sacrifice, that “working till you drop” and “give, give, give until you’re bled dry” are badges of honor.

You deserve to be healthy, happy, and successful too. Good news! Dr. Irene Cop talks about the fears that block our leadership development and positive ways to overcome those fears.

You can bounce back to become even stronger and more successful than you were before.

After her own catastrophic burnout led to a near-fatal car accident (with her young children in the car), she refused to accept the dire predictions top experts gave us on the poor quality of life her family could hope for.

She spent years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) learning how to heal her catastrophic injuries and developed a proprietary protocol that enables people to defy the odds and bounce back to even better than they were before.

The foundation of that protocol is The 5-Step Stress to Success S.H.I.F.T. Blueprint: How to Unleash Your Inner Superhero and Play All Out.

She is passionate about helping purpose-driven elite performers shift from Burnout to playing All Out and enjoy the level of success, health, and happiness they deserve and avoid the fate her family suffered

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