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Hello everyone, I’m Doug Thorpe, your host for today’s blog post. I recently had an enlightening conversation with Jeff Swartz, an expert in geofencing and the owner of Epic Advertising Agency. We delved into the world of geofencing, its applications, and how it’s revolutionizing the marketing and advertising industry.

The Journey to Advertising

Jeff Swartz is not your typical advertising guru. Unlike most, he knew he wanted to run his own advertising agency since his college days. After spending nearly a decade at CBS Television as a media buyer and planner, he launched his own agency, Epic Advertising Agency. His passion for advertising was ignited in college, and he meticulously charted his path to where he is today.

The Power of Geofencing

Our conversation took an interesting turn when we started discussing geofencing. Jeff described geofencing as the targeting of individual devices that have been at a specific location. For instance, if a business wants to target people who have visited a local Burger King, they can draw a digital fence around the Burger King’s location and serve ads to devices that were there. This hyper-targeted digital advertising is what sets Jeff’s agency apart from others.

The Intricacies of Geofencing

Jeff went on to explain the different data points that can be used in geofencing, such as homeownership, income levels, and the age of homes. He mentioned two types of geofencing: one for recruiting HVAC companies by targeting suppliers, and another for targeting customers based on specific criteria like home age and income level. He also discussed the use of bandit signs and digital advertising to reach potential customers in specific neighborhoods.

The Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication

Jeff emphasized the psychological effect of integrated marketing communication and the importance of multiple touchpoints to strengthen brand identity and increase the likelihood of customer action. He mentioned that the cost of geofencing campaigns can vary depending on the vendor and the level of service provided. His agency offers a managed service with a minimum monthly budget.

The Benefits of Geofencing for Brick and Mortar Businesses

Jeff also highlighted the benefits of geofencing for brick and mortar businesses. He explained that geofencing not only targets specific locations but also provides conversion data, allowing businesses to track if people who saw their ads actually visited their physical locations.

The Challenges of Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

We also touched on the challenges of measuring the effectiveness of advertising. Jeff mentioned that while digital tracking has improved, there are still elements that cannot be pinpointed. He emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to advertising, where different marketing efforts work together to achieve results.

Traditional Platforms vs. Newer Digital Technologies

When I asked Jeff about where traditional platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Instagram Ads fit in compared to newer digital technologies, he explained that these traditional platforms have a low entry point and can be easily utilized by small businesses.

Connecting with Jeff Swartz

For those interested in learning more about his services, Jeff mentioned that his agency’s website is called Epic Ads and they also have a software called Q Gem for geofencing. He can be found on LinkedIn and is happy to connect and chat with anyone interested in these types of conversations and helping people out.

Wrapping Up

As we wrapped up our conversation, I reminded our listeners that the links and information will be available in the show notes. I encouraged them to check out the video version of the episode on our YouTube channel and leave comments and thoughts about what else we can do to serve the audience better.

In conclusion, geofencing is a powerful tool in the world of digital advertising. It allows businesses to target specific audiences, track conversions, and strengthen their brand identity. As we continue to navigate the digital landscape, it’s clear that geofencing will play a significant role in the future of advertising.

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