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Podcast Resources

In Studio

  • microphone – Shure MV7 USB
  • Camera – Logitech 920HD
  • Speakers or Headphones – your choice

Podcast Hosting

  • WordPress – framework
  • Siteground – web hosting

My personal, all-time favorite. I’ve tried many popular hosting platforms like NetworkSolutions, GoDaddy, HostGator etc. None perform like Siteground who offers exceptional 24×7 support from techs who get things done, on the spot.

Podcast Distribution

Finding Guests or Being a Guest

(The pod world dating apps)

My personal, all-time favorite. The population of great guests is amazing. User support is fast and effective. I’ve used several others, but hands down, these guys ROCK!

This is a good source with helpful tools, tips, and ideas.


Check Out Speakers Playhouse meeting weekly on Thursday at 12:30CT

If you want to experience a fun group of high-energy Podcasts people, join SpeakerPlayhouse. Host Kimberley Crowe is off-the-chart high energy. She conducts a FREE weekly gathering of hosts and guest from all over. There are chances to meet people, get ideas, share affiliate $$$ ideas and cash in!


·         You will have FUN!

·         You will Discover New Speaking Opportunities to share your message

·         You will connect with show hosts and event planners

·         You will play games

·         You will liven up your speaking skills with truly friendly competition

·         You will access a great network of fellow speakers

·         If you’re a show host, you can share info about your show… and find new guest experts!

·         You will get a chance to grab the mic and introduce yourself to all attendees

DISCLOSURE – many of the services cited here are affiliate relationships between the provider and HeadwayExec, LLC and Doug Thorpe. Doug’s company does receive compensation for referral business using these links. Rest assured, WE DO NOT promote a service that has not already been put thru its paces by Doug and his team.

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