Ramona Shae and Doug Thorpe on podcast

Becoming a new, first-time manager is one of the most difficult jobs you might ever experience. Moving from individual contributor to supervisor or manager requires a whole new set of skills, mindset shifts, and personal pivots.

Too often, people promoted to manager are not given the right training to prepare them for such role. In this episode, I visited with someone who had dedicated her coaching practice to helping new, emerging leaders find better ways to become successful in the role.

Guest Bio:

Ramona Shaw is a Certified Professional Leadership Coach, podcast host, and best-selling author of “The Confident & Competent New Manager: How to Rapidly Rise to Success in Your First Leadership Role.” 

She is passionate about helping new and mid-level managers become leaders people love to work for by strengthening their leadership and communication skills, raising their confidence and resilience, and increasing their focus and emotional intelligence.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Finance, Ramona entered the private equity field and ultimately led strategic projects and international teams as a VP of Client Services at a renowned global private equity firm.

She now specializes in delivering coaching and training programs for leaders at fast-growing startups and companies such as Twitch, UBS, Google, Dropbox, Lionsgate, Asana, Stitch-Fix, Sequoia Capital, and dozens of others.

Ramona regularly shares insights with her over 8,000 LinkedIn followers and nearly 2,000 Instagram followers, and via her podcast, The Manager Track, with new episodes published every week since April of 2020.

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