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The journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not without its challenges. There will be fails and missteps along the way. Success comes for those who battle through the fails. Using the experience to gain a better understanding of what not to do can be as important as always knowing the to-do answers.

In this episode, I visit with a business owner who has been through several ‘chapters’ of learning. By his own admission, he believes he fails daily. But failure is now his friend, not the dark end of a bad road.

Topics we cover:

Make failure your friend

Having a reject mindset can be a positive

Having a fallback position can inspire

Our original programming as human beings may need to get updated/changed

The only failure is when we quit

Learn the course corrector tool

Surrender – forgive yourself

Guest Bio:

His teachers said he’d never amount to anything. But God had another plan for him. From high school “drop out”, to a faith-filled entrepreneur living a life of limitless possibilities. Jonathan will take your listeners on a wild ride turning failures into freedom.

Notable Achievements:


Helped 117 Experts Launch Podcasts

Appeared on 1,457 Episodes

CEO of 4 businesses in Real Estate, Media, eComm, and The Podcast Factory® Agency




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