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Stop in, and take a listen. Today I visit with a global traveler, serial entrepreneur, and chief innovator Patrick Noel Daly. Patrick brings his 20+ years to our discussion about the ways common sense can impact your success as a business owner and leader.

Using his experience building multiple brands and creating products, he spins a beautiful tale about success, failures, and recovery from those mistakes to help him grow and learn.

Listen for these key points:

  • We must innovate to survive
  • Think “convincing” not sales – change your vocabulary
  • Look not only for a gap in the market but a “market in the gap”
  • Common Sense is a big factor in business and life
  • Think business first, then look at the idea you found
  • Take learnings from any failure and put them into your next effort
  • Freelancing has improved business expense management
  • The changes caused by the Pandemic – new normal
  • The Quality/Quantity ratio impacts both work and life
  • Leveraging the win/win with freelancers

Guest Bio:

Patrick Noel Daly, the star of today’s little feature, is a global entrepreneur that has been involved in the building of products, technologies, and businesses for the past 20 years — with a strong focus in the medical, healthcare, sleep technologies, and aerospace industries (while dabbling in several other sectors as he travels around the world.)

All relevant Links below.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patricknoeldaly
Author of “Just Start Up – A Guide to Building Startups” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095KZRS2W

Check out my recent interview with ValiantCEO magazine:
Also @patricknoeldaly on twitter.

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