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If you’re looking for someone to inspire you to step into lead the life you want, then you need to know about Kellan Fluckiger. He is a transformational coach who has a refreshing, unique perspective on personal development. With a deep understanding of human psychology and soulful connection, Kellan is committed to helping millions of people redefine their identities, shape their lives and unlock infinite possibilities. His life embodies the journey of the Phoenix. He channels this spirit of resilience and rebirth in his teachings.

In this episode of Leadership Powered by Common Sense, Doug Thorpe interviews Kellan Fluckiger on the three threads that make up a powerful and successful life. But just as they are about to reveal the key to finding fulfillment and making a significant impact, a shocking interruption leaves them hanging, leaving us wondering: what is the missing piece to unlocking our unique voice? Tune in to find out next time!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Decode the impact of self-awareness on leadership evolution, and how it can transition you into a more effective leader.
  • Demystify the quintessential debate over whether leadership traits are inherited or developed, and learn how to nurture yours regardless.
  • Uncover the typical obstacles that entrepreneurs face during their leadership development and find ways to triumph over them.
  • Experience how to construct a company culture where loyalty and mutual respect thrive, paving the way to success.
  • Harness the potency within your existing assortment of skills, natural talents, and significant life experiences.

My special guest is Kellan Fluckiger

Kellan Fluckiger is a man on a mission, with a commitment to help 50 million people discover their authentic selves, take ownership of their lives, and embrace the boundless number of possibilities that the world has to offer; lead the life you want. A professional speaker and renowned transformational coach, Kellan has spent his life exploring the depths of personal growth and self-discovery. Living through the ups and downs of life, he has learned to rise from the ashes, embodying the essence of a phoenix. Today, he is passionate about imparting that knowledge to help others lead fulfilling, successful lives.

The key moments to lead the life you want in this episode are:

00:00:05 – Introduction,

00:01:09 – Appreciation for Podcasting,

00:02:16 – The Story of the Phoenix,

00:03:08 – Three Threads of a Powerful Life,

00:09:56 – Impact, Money, and Fun,

00:16:44 – The Journey of Understanding,

00:17:27 – Taking Risks and Experimenting,

00:18:12 – Embracing Unconventional Ways and the Changing Business Landscape,

00:19:49 – Are Leaders Born or Bred?,

00:25:56 – Expanding Beyond Technical Expertise,

00:31:52 – Starting with Possibility,

00:33:06 – Making Firm Choices,

00:34:49 – Emphasizing Individual Worth,

00:37:57 – Creating Loyalty,

00:39:46 – Cultivating Loyalty through Caring

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