Sheryl Lynn

The modern business world can be a place of chaos, conflict, and busyness. Anyone working to make a success of their work can get run down, discouraged, and frustrated, even to the point of burnout. One major way to avoid such circumstances is to seek JOY.

Having the ability to find joy amidst stress and struggle may be the key to unlocking your full potential. In this show, we visit with someone who has made a business of joy. Her name is Sheryl Lynn. She has been featured on network TV, spoken as a keynote at major conferences, and served some of the biggest brands on the planet.

When CEOs agree to build a culture of joy, they too unlock untapped potential for greater achievement across their organization. Listen as we explore this powerful solution.

Topics we cover:

Finding your “thing”

Erasing limiting beliefs that rob joy in life

The neuroscience foundation of Joy

Introducing the new term “Joyely”

What is your ‘wished I would have…’?

Your life is about so much more than the work

New generations at work want more joy in the workplace

Guest Bio:

Sheryl Lynn is the Visionary and Founder of JOYELY, LLC, and The Chair of Joy™ Experience. She is also an Author, Podcast Host, and Facilitator of the science of joy. Sheryl Lynn is an inspirational leader in the Movement of Joy worldwide. She is the developer of a metacognitive strategy that uses the 4 principles; Sit, Breathe, Think, and Feel. The 4 simple steps allow for a universal language of joy that is worthy of celebration. Sheryl champions people to prioritize the concepts of sustained joy with daily effort. Sheryl has over 30 years of personal experience fine-tuning her own life which has set the stage for her to gift a Chair of Joy to kids, adults, executives, employees, and seniors so they can learn how to feel better from any chair, anywhere, anytime.

JOYELY’s Team consists of Culture of Joy Experts that specialize in mental health awareness and workplace success through customized programs, workshops, and keynotes. We do engagements both in person and online, including fundraisers. These events are profound, yet fun, while interactive and life-changing.

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