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No one can resist a good story. Data can’t reengage coworkers who are burned out, stuck in conflict, and uninspired by their work—and facts alone won’t galvanize an audience to support you. You need people to believe in you. And yet, without a message that connects emotionally, you’ll miss your opportunity to make a greater impact on the world.

But when you frame your work through storytelling, you draw people in and make them want to engage with you.

We admire people who can tell a good story. Managers and leaders who master this craft often become the most respected people in their organization. But it doesn’t take a special gift to be able to become a better storyteller.

Listen to this episode where my guest, Michael McRay shares his insights and ideas about the power of storytelling. Hear his perspectives and practical ideas to help you add this gift to your toolkit as a leader.

Michael is an award-winning writer, storytelling and conflict consultant, facilitator, and leadership coach. His work explores how storytelling can create change, make meaning, inspire action, cultivate connection, and transform division. He works with individuals, groups, and organizations around the world to find, craft, and tell their most meaningful stories.

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You are invited to access for free Michael’s mini e-course “The 4 Mistakes Leaders Make Telling Stories” by going to www.michaelmcray.com/free

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