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Simon Sinek popularized the notion of “start with why” to help people get to the core of their sense of purpose. Forget what and how you’re going to do what you do without first knowing why.

My guest is Daniel Dominguez from the Why Institute. After Simon’s first TED talk about WHY, Dr. Gary Sanchez went on a hunt. Gary dogged Simon until Simon agreed to spend some time with Gary. Gary was a dentist but felt a deep-rooted sense of finding a deeper meaning. Together they designed the tools and methodologies to help people find their why.

The system has evolved into a body of research and study that has determined there are nine basic “whys.” This means among all mankind, there are nine possibilities of why.

Dan’s Bio:

Dan’s WHY is Contribute, that means he believes that success happens when we make a positive impact on the lives of others. HOW he does that is by Challenging the Status Quo and looking at things from a fresh perspective and helping others see things differently.  Ultimately, WHAT you can count on from Dan is his ability to make sense of the complex and challenging to help others move forward faster.

Before coming to WHY Institute, Dan was a National Sales Director for one of the most successful medical device companies in the world. He was spending 2-3 weeks a month on the road and sleeping in hotel rooms instead of his own bed more often than not. He spent time at corporate headquarters for entire weeks of leadership meetings and visiting key clients on the other weeks of the month.

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