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The Story of the Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica

Let me share an amazing story of one entrepreneur’s dream that has become a global success. His name is Jake Sasseville. He had a dream to create a world-class hospitality venue that would attract thought leaders across the globe. His idea was to build a retreat center or conference center that could attract name-brand experts in their field who routinely host big events for guests and special clientele.

Jake’s dream became reality in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. The venue is called The Imiloa Institute. Jake has created a high-performing team that has been awarded 5-star ratings by guests and hospitality brand monitors of all kinds. He was the only hospitality company in Costa Rica to not shut down or lay off staff during COVID. Suffice it to say Jake had built a long-game vision for his company.

Join us in this episode as we explore everything Jake did to create the culture, the team, and the enterprise known as Imiloa.

Guest Bio:

Jake Sasseville is a serial media, music, and hospitality entrepreneur, author, and top podcaster. He is the CEO and Founder of Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica, was the youngest host in late-night TV history on ABC, and the White House and Kauffman Foundation named him one of the most “innovative entrepreneurs” under 30. He has built a wide-ranging and impactful career at the intersection of culture and consciousness.

Links for Jake:

Website is imiloainstitute.com and @jakesasseville   

If guests use the word “JAKE” at checkout on any Signature Retreat, they’ll receive $200 off. 

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