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You probably know someone who has suffered a near-fatal and debilitating medical condition. Or perhaps you are someone who has been through such a season in life. Johanna White is just such a person.

Johanna or ‘Jo’ was a young aspiring graphic designer at a big agency, but was not exactly loving her J.O.B. Yet one day, she woke up to terrible sensations in her body. Partial paralysis and numbing were in various places. She could not just pop out of bed. The cause was a tumor, previously undiagnosed.

Join us as she shares her story of recovery, renewal, and inspiration. She found a fresh new motivation to help others grow better brands.

Guest Bio:

Johanna White is a visual branding strategist and award-winning graphic designer who designs premium brand identities that create impactful first impressions.

As the founder of Design By Jo Studio, she believes that if someone is the best at what they do, they deserve to look like it! For the past decade, she’s worked with individuals, startups and Fortune 200 brands worldwide, helping them to attract more raving fan clients than they know what to do with, and be as delightfully expensive as they deserve to be.

Johanna knows there’s no limit on success, and she proved it several years ago when she took life by the horns and started three companies within one year while battling a brain tumor. At a time when everyone else in her life was suggesting that she quit working and go on social security to cover medical bills, she chose to do the opposite and defy the odds. As a result, Johanna is a now a “ Brand Magician & Dreamer Extraordinaire” for top performers, goal-oriented individuals and brands.

Links to my website and to socials:


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Designbyjostudio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/designbyjostudio/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanna-white-designbyjo/

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