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leadership powered by common sense the podcast

Join Host Doug Thorpe and his guests as they explore everything LEADERSHIP and Business.

Leadership Powered by Common Sense

If you own a business or run a team at work, you need better leadership ideas.
On this show, we cover everything you may ever want to know about being a better leader. You don’t have to be born a good leader.
Leadership can be learned. But you need a guide. Join Doug Thorpe and his guests as they explore hot topics of the day. Listen for tips on employment, motivation, accountability, communication, personal purpose, and so much more.

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Leadership Powered by Common Sense

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Leadership Powered by Common Sense

Hear from executive coach and business advisor Doug Thorpe. Get tips, tricks and ideas for running a better business and building strong, high-performing teams at work.

If you own a business or run any part of a larger organization, you know the challenges you face daily. Let Doug give you some ideas to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and have more fun with your work.

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mark ashby

Leadership Under Pressure 087

The current state of modern business has put leaders under new pressures. Post-COVID work standards, the Big Quit, a tight market, and now ever-increasing global inflation are just a few

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A Visit With the KPI Guy (#081)

If you run a business, knowing your numbers is important. But the key question is which numbers? Many successful leaders create key performance indicators (KPIs). Each business may need to

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patricia lindner

Unlocking Human Potential (#074)

At the core of every coaching client, is someone who shows up with some kind of inner struggle. Some are clearly more prominent than others (fear, intimidation, lack of confidence).

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The Bezos Letters (#072)

From day 1, Amazon founder and creator Jeff Bezos had a vision. In 1997 he began writing about the vision, sharing it with investors and the public via his annual

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