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Kill the Bell Curve

Do you believe your team performance follows a bell curve? This is a long-standing belief, but one that is proven wrong in research. Join me in this episode as we explore more valid ways to assess performance and improve employee engagement. Here are 5 key reasons why you should reconsider the bell curve mindset when evaluating performance and making incentive compensation decisions.

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Leaders Helping Leaders Ep1

As the world around us is faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, leaders in all walks of life must step up t oprovide the calm. But as a leader spends his or her energy doing that, where do YOU go to find calm. I say you get with other leaders. So I’ve dedicated a new series called Leaders Helping Leaders. I’ve opened my podcast studio to host a panel of experts,

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Introducing Big 5 Performance Management

Thinking of improving your current employee performance appraisal process?  Big Five Performance Management has been practiced for the past 15 years, at two Fortune 500 companies.  Here’s how it works. Each month, employees submit monthly, half-page reports to their managers describing two things: Their five most significant accomplishments from last month, and Their five highest priorities for the current month.  This process takes no more than 10 minutes per month, but it gives

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