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From Podcast to Leadership: A Conversation with Doug Thorpe

Today we’re turning the tables. I had the chance to sit down and be interviewed by Steve Harper, a nationally syndicated show host and radio personality in NYC. Here’s our show:

“As a podcast host (Steve Harper), I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many fascinating individuals. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Doug Thorpe, a master coach for business owners and executives. Doug has helped hundreds of people transform their lives and businesses, and our conversation was filled with valuable insights about leadership and the challenges faced by business owners and executives.”

The Leadership Struggle: From Imposter to Leader

During our conversation, Doug and I delved into the struggles many leaders face. Often, individuals are promoted to supervisor roles based on their performance as a producer or contributor, without receiving formal training in management and leadership. This is particularly true in larger corporate settings. Similarly, entrepreneurs who start their own businesses may not be prepared for the challenges of managing and leading employees.

Transitioning from being a friend and colleague to being a leader can be a significant challenge. Doug emphasized the importance of maintaining friendly relationships with employees while setting boundaries and not expecting to be genuine friends. This dynamic is akin to being a parent who wants to be the cool parent but also needs to be a leader.

Doug Thorpe: A Journey to Business Coaching

Doug’s journey to becoming a business coach began with student leadership positions during his school days. He then served in the US Army as an officer, where he further developed his leadership skills. After his military service, he worked for a large regional bank in a management development program, gaining insights into the importance of leadership for the success of independently owned companies.

Common Mistakes Leaders Make Today

When I asked Doug about the common mistakes leaders make today, he explained that many companies focus too much on the bottom line and not enough on their people. Reflecting on my past experiences with managers, I realized that only one of them truly understood the value of considering people’s opinions and personalities. The difference it makes when a leader genuinely connects with their staff and creates a positive work environment is profound. Doug agreed, mentioning the saying that people join companies but quit bosses.

The Importance of Clarity in Leadership

Doug highlighted the importance of clarity in leadership. Leaders need to clearly communicate expectations and define what success looks like for their team. When leaders fail to provide clarity, employees may become uncertain and hesitant to take action. I added that expectations can change over time, and it is crucial for companies to properly train and equip their employees for success.

Working with Owners/Founders vs. Managers/Corporate Executives

Our conversation then shifted to the differences between working with owners/founders versus managers/corporate executives. Doug explained that while the core principles of effective leadership remain the same, the approach may differ.

Developing Effective Leadership Attributes

When asked about the attributes that make a leader effective and how people can develop those attributes, Doug explained his approach. He helps individuals create a vision of their ideal leader, which he calls “Version 2.0.” He then helps them develop a plan to study and understand those attributes and incorporate them into their leadership toolkit.

Questioning One’s Purpose

Questioning one’s purpose and whether they should be doing what they’ve been doing for so long can be a scary proposition. Doug acknowledges this and offers coaching programs for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to help them navigate these challenges and develop as leaders.

Getting in Touch with Doug Thorpe

For those interested in learning more about Doug’s work or getting in touch with him, he directs listeners to his website, where they can find more information and schedule a free discovery call to discuss their leadership challenges and goals.

In conclusion, my conversation with Doug Thorpe was a treasure trove of insights about leadership and the challenges faced by business owners and executives. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting your journey, there’s something to learn from Doug’s experiences and wisdom.

Host Bio:

Voice-over performer and renowned radio personality, Steve Harper has made a mark in broadcasting with his captivating enthusiasm and quick-witted style. Steve’svoice can be heard around the world on many radio and television commercials and nationally syndicated shows. He has been called upon to host with many including the legendary Dick Clark. Steve has also had the pleasure of helping launch many notable performers. He was one of the first to bring to radio Mariah Carey, Psychic John Edward, and New Kids On The Block. Steve’s career began at age 17 on Long Island, where he became the youngest afternoon drive announcer in the U.S. From there it was onto WBLI, where he reigned for over two and a half decades, followed by mornings at K98.3. He’s currently the morning host at PARTY 105 and afternoon host on Oldies 98.1. Along with radio, Steve is busy donating time to many charitable causes and spending time with Family. 

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